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Windy Joe Fire Lookout Hut #119
Type: Building_Shelter Elevation: 1830 m (6004 ft)
Location:   49.04396,-120.75455     49:02:38, -120:45:16   10U 664087 5434772
(24 km E of Ross Lake). (8 km N of Mount Winthrop).
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades

This is an uninsulated fire lookout hut which is most often used as a lunch destination for ski trips up Windy Joe. It has a small upper story with a metal sighting device from which you could determine the bearing of a fire. It was originally occupied in summer in high fire season by a forest ranger. These days, it is not really set up for sleeping, although I suppose you could sleep on the floor. There are just two benches along the walls, and no stove. There is an outhouse with a sign that says "Toilet" just down from the hut.

The fire lookout and mountain are named after Joe Hilton, who worked in the park until 1975, and laid out many of the trails. Run by BC Provincial Parks. Could sleep 6 in a pinch. Forest Lookout that can be used by the public in winter. No charge.

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2015.03.18 Steve Grant - Holding the Hatch Open
There is a block of wood that used to be a toggle to hold the hatch open, which can be wedged between a diagonal brace in the wall and the hatch to hold it open. If someone took a hammer up there, they could fix it properly.
2015.03.18 Robin Tivy - Hut in good shape
The hut is clean, and in good shape. The trap door that leads to the upper viewing area no longer has anything to keep it open, so when you climb up the ladder, you have to hold it to make sure it doesn't slam down. See Trip Report