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Elfin Hut #115 (Elfin Shelter)
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 1470 m (4823 ft)
Location:   49.78936,-122.98775     49:47:22, -122:59:16   10U 500881 5515211
(16 km S of Garibaldi Lake). (12 km E of Brackendale). (7 km S of Mount Garibaldi).

Large BC Parks cabin. 2 stories, heated. Nearby ski terrain. Cost $6 registration fee per party plus $15/person/night.

Located at the north end of Paul Ridge, just north of Elfin Lakes. The hut is a large two story hut constructed with the typical curved glue laminated beams and a metal roof. This construction is common among BC huts, although Elfin is the largest. Inside there is a propane heater in a front area, and about 8 propane cooking burners and metal covered counters in the rear. There are several large tables with benches.

Upstairs there are two rows of wooden bunks. These bunks are unfortunately uniformly only 6 feet long, so anyone taller than 6 feet must sleep diagonally.

In late winter, the snow is usually 4 or 5 meters deep, and the lower story of the hut will be buried, and the main floor door may be buried. Fortunately, there is a door which opens onto a balcony on the second floor, and this is used for access to the hut.

The hut is run by BC Provincial Parks. Sleeps 35 with a propane heater, propane burners, propane lamps, and an outhouse building right beside the hut. Park ranger station is located nearby. Reservations for overnight stays are required, year round, and can be made on the BC Parks Discover Camping website. Access: Accessed via the heavily used Elfin Lakes Trail.

History: This hut was built by the BC government in the early 1970s. Previous to that there was a smaller log lodge, south of the hut. At some point a 3rd building was built, also south of the main hut, to serve as a warden hut.
Elfin Lakes shelter

2018.01.20 Robin Tivy - New tables, aluminium ladder
Hut has two new tables with steel sheet screwed into top. Tables are bolted down to floor. Heater is now caged in, with a propane fake fire inside. There is a new unpainted aluminium ladder on the front of the cabin, going to second floor. There were dozens of snowshoe people going into the hut for Saturday night, so I assume it was packed to capacity. See Trip Report
2016.06.26 Andrew Wong - Changes to overnight camping registration and reservations in Garibaldi Park
Starting June 22nd, 2016 NEW reservations policies are in effect for overnight stays in Garibaldi Provincial Park: [ol] [li]Reservations are required for: Garibaldi Lake, Taylor Meadows, and Elfin Lakes Campgrounds during peak season. Peak season is from June 29th - September 30th, 2016. [li]Reservations are required for Elfin Shelter YEAR ROUND. [li]All other camping areas and during non-peak season: Require a backcountry camping permit and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. You are not guaranteed a site. [/ol] For more information, visit [a href=""][/a]
2014.05.16 Klaus Haring - No mice. No mattresses
I seemed to remember that there were mattresses, so brought only a thin foam pad and spent an uncomfortable night!
2011.11.06 Robin Tivy - New solar panel and outhouses
We skied into the Elfin shelter today. It was the first time I've seen the large new solar panel on the third floor, and also the new outhouse building right beside the main shelter. See Trip Report
2006.08.14 Andrew Wong - Mouse Invasion
Met some backpackers returning from Elfin today. They reported that the shelter is overrun by mice at night. One fellow left all the straps on his pack undone (deliberately) so that they wouldn't chew everything off. He said that people at the tent sites weren't any better off--they had mice running all over the tents the whole night. What's that ebola-like disease that some mice carry? Fun!
2006.06.18 Vida Morkunas - Elfin Lakes beginning to melt
Snow level is very high this year, esp when compared to last year. Continuous snow begins on the switchback just past the waterfall. Suncups are deep and hard on the snow route, the summer route is still well under snow. Both Elfin Lakes are melting out slowly, 10' wide ring pattern around the perimeter with ankle-deep blue water. You can now enter the Elfin Lakes cabin using the ground-floor entrance, snow at patio level.
2006.05.23 Robin Tivy - Minor Correction to Location
When I was at the hut, I took a GPS reading, and noticed that the previous lat-long was slightly wrong. It was 49:47.4-122:59.3 and I changed it to 49:47.4-122:59.2, based on GPS measurement at the site. I also filled in the altitude, access details, and more info about hut.
2004.12.23 Ron Enns - Elfin shelter heater is working
I went for a tour to Elfin Lakes today (beautiful touring conditions, fast travel, but icy downhill skiing conditions) and lo and behold, a new propane heater was finally installed and was working. Merry Christmas.
2004.12.22 Zoran Vasic - Heater
We were in the hut on Sunday at 3PM and there was note that heater is broken. We just had quick meal and went down to the parking lot. Snow was not very good for skiing. Hut was empty. We met only small group of three on the way down from the hut.
1967.02.02 Cliff Jennings - Old Diamond Head Lodge Photos
I was with my daughter Sara at the Celebration of Life for Margrit Kogler when I saw this picture on the display. Bob Bishop & Bernie Brown had dis assembled the cabin & moved it to a lease property above Alpha Lake. We bought it from them, but then got the job managing the Highland Lodge.

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