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Huckleberry Hut #112
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 1600 m (5249 ft)
Location:   49.32578,-117.31915     49:19:33, -117:19:09   11U 476809 5463721
(9 km NW of Ymir). (9 km SE of Copper Mountain).

Club maintained cabin. Alpine terrain. Outhouse and wood stove. Sleeps 4. $10 reservation fee. Lies just off an old mining road in the south fork of Barrett Creek in the Bonnington Range.. Small cabin with two bunks (each bunk will sleep two people). There is a two burner Coleman white gas stove (bring your own white gas) and lantern, as well as dishes, cutlery, pots, etc. There is a washing up tub with some detergent and bleach. Please pack all the eating utensils back in the tub to keep the critters out. You'll need to bring in a tea towel and some mantels for the lantern (although we did leave a stock of mantels at the hut). Outhouse and wood stove. Sleeps 4 people MAXIMUM.

As of November 2007, a reservation and fee ($10 per person per night) is required for Huckleberry cabin. Reservations can be made on-line at the KMC webpage .

Access: Take Hwy 6 17 km south of Nelson to the Porto Rico Rd (west side of road) and park in the ploughed parking area. Ski up the Barrett Creek Rd to a bridge at 772650. Cross the bridge and continue following the road until the hut is reached at about 767634, a mere 5 metres below the road. Soon after the bridge the road crosses 2 or 3 avalanche slopes. Snowmobilers travel up the Barrett Creek road in winter, but generally continue on straight ahead from the bridge to Lost Lake and the snowmobilers hut. Beyond the hut the road continues to a pass between Cabin and Midday Peaks, and there is good skiing from the summits of both peaks.

History: An old miners cabin built early in the 1900's to work a claim on Spotted Horse Creek, the KMC took on the cabin in 1963 and undertook extensive maintenance.
The Huckleberry Hut in winter

2011.02.03 Sandra McGuinness - Sled traffic
Cabin Peak seems to be extremely popular with the so called "sled assisted touring" crowd - although we came to call them sled assisted sloths. They come in packs of 2 to 4 and ride sleds to the summit of Cabin Peak. While a few of them ski the SE line down to the road at about 1600 metres (just past the cabin), the remaining sloths drive the sleds back down to pick them up. In this way, they completely avoid having to break trail or break a sweat. On the plus side, this is the only slope they ski so, as long as you leave this run to your last run of the day (by which time they've gone home) - or avoid it entirely - you can ski the rest of the range without being bothered by noisy smelly machines. So much for freedom of the hills.
2008.08.26 Sandra McGuinness - Update on cooking facilities
The KMC held their annual work party at the cabin, which now has a new two burner white gas Coleman stove and lantern. There is also a good selection of pots, pans, dishes, cups, cutlery, etc. Take dishtowels and dishcloth to wash-up and please use the detergent and bleach provided.

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