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Russet Lake Hut #108 (Himmelsbach Hut)
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 1880 m (6168 ft)
Location:   50.02572,-122.86278     50:01:33, -122:51:46   10U 509829 5541499
(15 km NE of Garibaldi Lake). (12 km SE of Whistler). (5 km SW of Tremor Mountain).

Mountain hut, sleeps 6, good ski and hiking terrain. The Russet Lake Hut (Himmelsbach Hut) is often used as a base for explorations of the eastern portion of the Fitzsimmons Range. Even with deactivation of the former access road to the Singing Pass trailhead, it is still a reasonable day's tour or hike from Whistler Village, and it is easily accessible from the Whistler lift system. The hut provides for sheltered cooking when storms are raging, but many visitors choose to spend the night outside. During the summer, the sheer volume of visitors may make staying in the hut a non-option. Facilities: Sleeps 6, No stove, but gets warm. No reservations or charge. Call 604-898-3678.
The original Himmelsbach Hut (October 2003)

2018.02.15 Robin Tivy - Hut is being Replaced by Spearheads Project
Just to keep things up to date, I am posting the fact that the original Russett Lake hut is being replaced by a much larger facility, as part of the Spearheads hut to hut project. Here is a link to a large number of construction photos made in late 2017. [a href=]Spearhead Huts[/a].
2012.11.01 Dominique Goineau - Toilet lock needs a new 'screw loop' for the hook Photos
The hut is in good condition, except the toilet door cannot lock from the inside so it stays open, which can be uncomfortable with strong wind and snow. I left an entry in the log book mentioning that we need a new 'screw loop' in order to use the hook part of the lock. Its an easy fix. See
Trip Report
2009.03.17 Nick Weinrauch - In good shape
Went for a solo overnighter to the Himmelsbach Hut. Meet three other skiers who were staying the night. I followed the route from the Whistler peak chair over Flute and Oboe. Then returned via the Singing Pass trail. The hut has had some reno's and is in great shape. Bolts on the doors keep the snow out, and a load of fresh foam has done a great job of keeping the drafts out. New aluminum sheet metal on the tables, a couple of brooms, and a shovel. Log books show that there has been some significant use since March of 2008. The hut was nice and warm all night. If you are going in the winter, make sure you take a shovel to the outhouse as you are not only going to have to dig out the shack itself, but you might need to shovel out the toilet :)
2006.02.21 Natasha Gellatly - Outhouse was not useable, filled with snow
Spent week-end of Feb 11-12 at HimmHut and found the cabin door open with lots of snow deposited inside and the back window smashed - it took a few people some time to shovel it all out. The outhouse which has the unfortunate design flaw of an inward-opening door is completely filled with snow with no way of getting it out except to pull the door off its hinges. A pit was dug a short distance from the outhouse and 8 of us used this (as we thought we would have access to a toilet no-one was prepared to pack out waste). Otherwise the cabin was awesome and mostly clean. 8 of us were very comfortable in there and another 4 could easily be accommodated before getting too crowded. The front door does not close very well and some large rocks had to be gathered and placed in front of the door to keep it shut and hopefully keep snow out. Cabin is not buried at all.
2006.01.04 Steve Sproule - Empty on New Year's
Four of us visited the hut for the first time, for three days over New Year's. No one else showed up. And there were no mice. The door took some serious effort to open when we got there, and would not close properly at all. Seems the frame or door itself has shifted, but we made do. A balmy plus 4 celsius was the high we got to inside, a welcome retreat from the stormy weather on New Year's Day. There seems to be room for at least 12 to sleep comfortably, though that many would make for a crowded living space when up and about (as Scott mentions). A real nice place, I'm sure we'll be back. Oh, and the window at the lower sleeping area isn't totally sealed, as we had snow getting in past the duct tape thanks to strong winds, so be ready to sweep! There are two brooms there, and the outhouse is fantastic!
2003.09.26 Scott Nelson - Space for 12
The Hut is doing just fine, and has recently been stocked up with a fresh supply of TP. The mice scurried around all night but didn't generally bother us. There is actually sleeping space for about 12 people in the hut, but really only enough cooking / social space for 6-8. Sandra and I climbed the N. Face of Fissile, which is in good late summer condition with very hard snow, but little ice.

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