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Mountain Lake Hut #107
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 1450 m (4757 ft)
Location:   49.61296,-123.08646     49:36:47, -123:05:11   10U 493754 5495603
(0 km NW of Mountain Lake). (11 km S of Squamish). (2 km S of Sky Pilot Mountain).

Mountain Lake Hut after 2018 fixup
The Mountain Lake hut is owned by the B.C. Mountaineering Club. Reservations are required. Located 200 m northwest of the western outlet of Mountain Lake, on a ridge which divides a creek to the south from the big drop to Utopia Lake on the north. . The Mountain Lake Hut is an arched-construction wooden shelter that sleeps 8 people maximum. Four people can squeeze into the upper loft. Another 4 can sleep on the main floor under the tables (4x8 plywood). There are screened windows in both ends.

From the hut, one can reach the summit of Mount Sheer in 1.5 hours. The south sides of Sky Pilot and Ledge can be reached by traversing a ridge from Mount Sheer. Ben Lomond and Red Mountain lie to the east across lake-studded heather meadows and granitic ridges. Although parties have reached Ben Lomond and Red Mountain from the hut, there is a very steep little traverse below some cliffs that would not be advised in unstable snow conditions. An alternate route is to drop all the way down to Omer Lake (1284m) and then go south back up to the col just west of Ben Lomond.

Access: The hut can be reached from Furry Creek FSR or by traversing from Shannon Creek below the south face of Sky Pilot Mountain. Contaminated Sites BC have put a gate on the FSR to prevent vehicular access and damage to geotechnical monitoring equipment. The hut can be reached from Furry Creek FSR on foot. Approaching from Britannia Beach or the Britannia Creek FSR is prohibited. From the Furry Creek FSR at Cyrtina Creek, there is a hiking trail to the hut. Furry Creek FSR is currently an industrial road used by loggers, a run-of-river power project and Contaminated Sites BC. The BCMC has an agreement to use the road and maintain the trail. See Wind Lake Route.

History: Built in 1970 by BC Mountaineering Club. The club maintains the hut and does trail work. The hut must be reserved on the B.C. Mountaineering Club website at

The hut was received a new roof and siding in 2018 and a propane heater was installed. MEC provided a grant for the work and the BCMC topped it up.

2020.02.10 Paul Kubik - Updated the hut description
Updated the hut description
2019.07.14 Alberto Contreras - Hut & Windy lake access in top shape
Bike & hike trip with late departure from Vancouver. Parked at the Furry Creek FSR locked gate, and cycled up to around km 10. Road is in great condition, all bikeable especially if you have a mountain bike. Ditched the bikes and followed the mostly very nice trail up to the Wind Lake. Found the hut in great shape after the renovations, including a large bambu pole handy in the winter to find the hut. Another hiker came in from the Britannia Creek side, and reported the road to be in even better condition, but the terrain from the top of where he ditched the bike to be tricky with lots of cliffs. Must be cozy in the winter with the new propane stove. Could benefit with some solar lighting similar to those installed in VOC huts ($50). The outhouse also is very nice; however mice seemed to have had a party with leftover (clean) toilet paper. Nice clean tenting areas nearby the hut, which we used. Generally very lightly used, we counted some 6 or so visitors on the book from the spring, with even fewer entries over winter. Some visitors accessed from Sky Pilot via gondola. Thanks for the great work on trail and hut.
2018.11.02 Paul Kubik - Coordinate Adjustment
The old coordinates of 49.61167,-123.08533 were not quite correct. These coordinates are closer 49.612966,-123.086467.
2016.11.13 Chris Nott - Minor leaks in wet weather, etc.
Some minor leaks in wet weather (water seems to seep horizontally along the tongue-and-grooves from the untreated back and front ends of the cabin). No sign of the white gas heater. The outhouse door cannot be secured closed so the wind frequently blows it open.
2015.06.19 Chris Ludwig - Mountain Lake Hut Commercial Booking (Last Week of June, 1st Week of July)
Please be aware that the Mountain Lake Hut is being rented this summer by a company contracted by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources for up to two weeks starting in either the last week of June, or the first week of July. They are using it as a base of operations to perform dam demolitions at Mountain Lake with explosives. They will be accessing the area by Helicopter. I will post specific dates when they become available.
2009.04.27 Jordan Best - Hut Update
Hut is in good shape but appears to be rarely used in winter according to the log book. Last recorded visit was in October, 2008. Access to the door required removing about 1 meter of snow. Sleeping mats cover the entire upstairs loft. There is room for six people to sleep comfortably in the loft, in my opinion. The hut has a large white gas stove. Although we did not try it, many individuals in the log book seemed to have positive experiences with the stove. We found the outhouse with the door open and completely filled in with frozen snow. Unfortunately we didn't notice this until the way out, so we didn't have time to shovel it out. The BCMC now asks for a $10 donation per night if you are not a member. According to the metal engraving on the door, the original cost per night was $1! There does not seem to be any mice in the hut at all, which is a nice treat. Hut includes print-outs of relevant Bivouac and Alpine Select articles, but no general reading material.
2006.02.20 Robin Tivy - Hut amost buried
The hut was almost buried, with snow over the roof almost level with the hut. Access was only possible because a 2 m deep wind cirque around the front of the cabin revealed the top of the door. It took about an hour of digging thru several layers of hard snow to get to the bottom of the door. It is not possible to enter the cabin via the windows due to the new screens installed on them. Once the door was cleared it was necessary to gently pry open the door from the top using an ice axe. We also didn't immediately find the hut since we expected it might be visible from the end of the lake. I measured the coordinates of the hut with my GPS to be at NAD27 493839-5495397, which translates into 49:36.8-123:05.1. Previous lat-long was 49:36.7-123:05.1). In any event, you have to ski about 200m west of the lake and over a small hump before you see the hut.
2004.10.19 Peter Gumplinger - Access from Furry North Mainline
Waypoints for hike along Furry North and Cyrtina Creek Spur 49:35.337-123:06.128=start of hike (771m) 49:35.242-123:05.421=stay right - low (804m) 49:35.114-123:05.075=go up left (893m) 49:35.130-123:05.002=go left (927m) 49:35.413-123:05.301=switch back - right (1123m) 49:35.317-123:05.024=switch back - left (1253m) 49:35.363-123:05.077=go left - not up (1302m) 49:35.397-123:05.095=start of Wind Lake Route (1307m) The trail was improved and cleared some more by a BCMC party in late September.

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2 Mt. Sheer and Mountain Lake Hut Drew Brayshaw