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First Ascents of Major Peaks of British Columbia
"Major" means a minimum height of 2000m and a minimum prominence of 1500m.
1. Fairweather Mountain AK; BC (124 km W of Haines). 4671m3956m1931Allen Carpé, Terris Moore4
2. Mount Waddington BC (121 km NE of Sayward). 4019m3289m1936Fritz Wiessner; William House: SW Face5
3. Mount Robson BC (24 km NE of Tete Jaune Cache). 3959m2829m1913.07.31William Foster, Albert McCarthy, Conrad Kain3
4. Mount Columbia AB; BC (79 km E of Mica Creek). 3741m2383m1902J. Outram; C. Kaufmann9
5. Mount Assiniboine AB; BC (32 km SW of Canmore). 3616m2086m1901James Outram; C. Bohren; Christian. Hasler Sr. (App 10-48; AJ 20-545; CAJ 1-90) Other reference Outram 38. 11
6. Mount Goodsir BC (23 km S of Field). 3567m1887m1903C. Fay; H. Parker; C. Hasler; C. Kaufmann2
7. Monarch Mountain BC (71 km SE of Hagensborg). 3555m2925m1936.07.16Henry S. Hall Jr; Hans Fuhrer1
8. Mount Sir Sandford BC (62 km SE of Mica Creek). 3519m2707m1912Howard Palmer, E.W.D. Holway, Rudolph Aemmer, Edward Feuz Jr.1
9. Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier BC (28 km SW of Tete Jaune Cache). 3516m2728m1924Alan Carpe; Rollin Chamberlin; A. Withers1
10. Mount Farnham BC (30 km W of Wilmer). 3493m2123m1914.08.10A. H. & E. L. MacCarthy, Conrad Kain1
11. Mount Joffre AB; BC (52 km NE of Fairmont Hot Springs). 3433m1505m1919J. Hickson; E. Feuz Jr3
12. Whitehorn Mountain BC (21 km NE of Tete Jaune Cache). 3399m1747m1911.08.12Conrad Kain (CAJ 6-49; App. 17-338)4
13. Mount Dawson BC (36 km SW of Golden). 3377m2045m1899.08.13Charles E Fay, Herschel C Parker, Edward Feuz Sr., Christian Hasler Sr.0
14. Mount Harrison BC (21 km W of Elkford). 3360m1770m1964Werner Himmelsback; Ralph Hutchinson; Joe Hutton; Don MacLaurin; Brendan Moss; Paddy Sherman2
15. Mount Queen Bess BC (139 km NE of Sayward). 3298m2355m1942D. Munday; P. Munday; H. Hall1
16. Mount Sir Alexander BC (44 km NE of Crescent Spur). 3275m1762m1929Andrew Gilmour0
17. Mount Monashee  BC (40 km NE of Blue River). 3274m2404m1952.07.30S. Hendricks; D. Hubbard; A. Wexler1
18. Mount Ida BC (58 km NE of Dome Creek). 3200m1530m1950Harvard Mountaineering Club0
19. Razorback Mountain BC3183m2153m1931Henry S. Hall; Hans Fuhrer0
20. Monmouth Mountain BC (103 km NW of Pemberton). 3182m1602m1951A. Melville; I. Kay; N. Carter; T. Marston; D. Blair; W. Sparling; H. Genschorek0
21. Mount Cooper BC (24 km NE of New Denver). 3094m2319m1962.08.10Spokane Mountaineers: William Boulton, Terry Beck, Richard Hahn, Lorna Ream, Jack Steele, Edward Bouttin and Gary Johnson. 1
22. Mount Ratz BC (75 km NE of Petersburg). 3090m2430m1964.08.09Fred Beckey, Dan Davis 0
23. Jeannette Peak BC (45 km SW of Jasper). 3089m1657mnullnull2
24. Mount Tatlow BC (120 km W of Alkali Lake). 3063m1613mnullProbably by First Nations, pre-contact2
25. Talchako Mountain BC (49 km SE of Hagensborg). 3037m1676m1961G. Whitemore; J. Wilson; R. Houston first recorded ascent; stone structure on summit indicated probably earlier ascent by Nuxalk or Ulkatcho natives.1
26. Mount Ulysses BC (93 km E of Fort Ware). 3024m2289m1961.08.16Scott Arighi, Arthur Maki & Robert West. (University of Wisconsin party)0
27. Scud Peak BC (74 km S of Telegraph Creek). 2987m2172mnullunknown party0
28. Mount Odin BC (40 km NW of Nakusp). 2971m2409m1928L. Harris4
29. Skihist Mountain BC (24 km W of Lytton). 2968m2463m1897.07.00J.P. Forde & J.W. Collis (First recorded ascent)1
30. Ambition Mountain BC (60 km S of Telegraph Creek). 2953m1503m1967.08.03Vern Ainardi, Steve Hodge, Steve Sickles and Jim Wilson.1
31. Mount Ovington BC (53 km NE of Dome Creek). 2949m1600m1967D. Morton, G. Wallerstein, M. Wallerstein, B. O'Dell, T. Grenfell, L. Spitzer (CAJ 1968).0
32. Mount Sylvia BC (100 km NE of Fort Ware). 2940m1559mnullnull0
33. Whitecap Mountain BC (16 km W of Seton Portage). 2918m1533m1929J.T. Underhill topographic survey (first recorded ascent); may have been climbed earlier by prospectors3
34. Chutine Peak BC (71 km W of Telegraph Creek). 2910m1765m1980.08.16Paul Tamm and party0
35. Mount Saugstad BC (15 km S of Hagensborg). 2908m1850m1951J. Dudra; P. Schoening0
36. The Horn BC (22 km E of Hagensborg). 2907m1527m1954Long, Skinner: SE Ridge0
37. Wedge Mountain BC (12 km E of Whistler). 2892m2249m1923N. Carter; C. Townsend12
38. Mount Seton BC (10 km S of Seton Portage). 2859m1584mnullLikely by prospectors (or pioneer surveyor Frank Swannell)2
39. Gladsheim Peak BC (12 km W of Slocan). 2830m2056mnullnull2
40. Cond Peak BC (17 km N of Harrop). 2801m1720mnullnull1
41. Mount Edziza BC (37 km SE of Telegraph Creek). 2793m1763mnullnull4
42. Howson Peak BC (54 km SW of Telkwa). 2759m1869m1958.07.16Adolph Bitterlich, Bill Lash, John Owen0
43. Tsaydaychuz Peak BC (71 km N of Hagensborg). 2758m1826m1978.09.03Glenn Woodsworth & Carol Evenchick. 0
44. Overseer Mountain BC (47 km NW of Pemberton). 2749m1679mnullnull2
45. Thudaka Peak BC (91 km NW of Fort Ware). 2748m1736mnullnull0
46. Weeskinisht Peak BC (8 km SE of Cedarvale). 2747m1862m1941K. Carter; Neal Carter; G. Baker; J. Cade1
47. Mount Jancowski BC (45 km N of Stewart). 2729m2079m1967George Whitmore0
48. Mount Pattullo BC (39 km NE of Stewart). 2727m1617m1985.07.00Fred Beckey, Alex Bertulis, Stimson Bullitt0
49. Atna Peak BC (42 km E of Kitimat). 2724m1794m1963.09.01Pat O'Connor, Walter Heberle, Joe Wipfle0
50. Buckwell Peak BC (77 km W of Haines). 2721m1971mnullnull0
51. Basement Peak BC (98 km W of Haines). 2706m1566mnullnull0
52. Otter Mountain BC (20 km NE of Stewart). 2692m2242mnullunknown ascent0
53. Sharktooth Mountain BC (119 km E of Dease Lake). 2668m1653mnullnull0
54. Thunder Mountain BC (22 km NE of Hagensborg). 2664m1694m1964.08.20George & Frances Whitmore (FRA)0
55. Dunn Peak BC (23 km SW of Vavenby). 2636m1531mnullnull2
56. Mount Wotzke BC (67 km NE of Horsefly). 2597m1556mnullnull0
57. Silvertip Mountain BC (29 km SE of Hope). 2596m1871m1908Boundary Survey party3
58. Unuk Peak BC (51 km N of Stewart). 2595m1730mnullnull0
59. Devils Paw AK; BC (58 km NE of Juneau). 2593m1710m1949.07.21Andrew Griscom, David Michael, William Putnam/ See AAJ 1950, p. 441-4500
60. Hudson Bay Mountain BC (12 km W of Smithers). 2589m1609mnullFRA The first recorded ascent of the highest peak was probably in the 1940s by Rex Gibson, John Wheeler, and others involved in training mountain troops on the mountain.0
61. Shedin Peak BC (67 km N of Kispiox). 2588m1798m1965.08.09George Whitmore, Frances Whitmore, Dave Bradford0
62. Pinnacle Peak BC (29 km E of Cherryville). 2573m1667mnullnull0
63. Mount Perseus BC (60 km E of Horsefly). 2553m1683mnullnull1
64. Detour Peak BC (101 km S of Haines Junction). 2550m1906mnullnull0
65. Kaza Mountain BC (37 km E of Wells). 2543m1573mnullnull0
66. Gataga Peak BC (72 km N of Fort Ware). 2533m1515mnullnull0
67. Whiting Peak BC (89 km E of Juneau). 2524m1669mnullnull0
68. Brian Boru Peak BC (20 km S of Hazelton). 2507m1817mnullProbably by prospectors early in the 20th century1
69. Birkenhead Peak BC (25 km NE of Pemberton). 2506m1781m1929J.T. Underhill topographic survey (first recorded ascent)3
70. Lehua Mountain BC (79 km NW of Stewart). 2469m1659mnullnull0
71. Kootenay Mountain BC (28 km NW of Creston). 2456m1801mnullnull1
72. Mount Thomlinson BC (25 km NE of Kispiox). 2451m1661m1965.07.25George & Frances Whitmore0
73. Mount Crysdale BC (71 km N of MacKenzie). 2429m1554mnullnull0
74. Bel Canto Peak BC (65 km E of Juneau). 2415m1710mnullnull0
75. Mount Lester Jones BC (83 km NE of Juneau). 2408m1658mnullnull0
76. Mount Cronin BC (25 km NE of Smithers). 2396m1571mnullProbably by First Nations, otherwise by prospectors in early 20th century2
77. Mount Priestley BC (13 km E of New Aiyansh). 2366m1945m2017.06.20FRA: John Gill,Drew Copeland,Jordan Craven. May well have been climbed by first nations people.1
78. Chatsquot Mountain BC (57 km SE of Kemano). 2365m1981m1960Mikkel Schau, Stan Turner0
79. Oscar Peak BC (31 km S of New Aiyansh). 2336m2099m1925Attributed to Paul Brodin and Oscar Olander0
80. Upper Saddle Mountain BC (10 km SW of Nakusp). 2330m1645mnullnull1
81. Shark's Teeth Peaks BC (77 km NW of Bella Coola). 2304m1914m2005Mark Grist, Mike Buda0
82. Pukeashun Mountain BC (45 km NW of Sicamous). 2301m1696mnullunknown ascent0
83. Kwatna Peak BC (38 km S of Bella Coola). 2290m2225m1989.08.01John Baldwin, John Clarke0
84. Mount Judge Howay BC (38 km NW of Errock). 2262m1632m1921Tom Fyles; E. Fuller; H. O'Conner7
85. Robertson Peak BC (49 km N of Errock). 2252m1502m1978D. Kasian; R. Lillie;2
86. Morton Peak BC (12 km SE of Sicamous). 2245m1690mnullunknown ascent0
87. Faisal Peak BC (111 km S of Iskut). 2239m1669mnullnull0
88. Mount Valpy BC (36 km NW of Kitimat). 2219m2014m1992John Clarke0
89. Golden Hinde BC (25 km SE of Gold River). 2197m2197m1913Einar Anderson, W.R. Kent, W.W. Urquhart, 1913 or 1914. FWA:1993.02.24 Robin Slieker, Philip Stone, Chris Barner8
90. Vile Peak BC (109 km E of Stewart). 2189m1551mnullnull0
91. Victoria Peak BC (31 km N of Gold River). 2169m1839m1961D. Williamson; F. Stapley2
92. Mount Tod BC (21 km NW of Chase). 2155m1525mnullAscended by surveyors in 1935, but probably climbed earlier0
93. Kispiox Mountain BC (17 km W of Kispiox). 2096m1561m1949First recorded ascent by G.C Emerson survey party in 19490