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First Ascents of Major Peaks of Alberta
"Major" means a minimum height of 2000m and a minimum prominence of 1500m.
1. Mount Columbia AB; BC (79 km E of Mica Creek). 3741m2383m1902J. Outram; C. Kaufmann9
2. Mount Forbes AB (60 km NW of Field). 3617m1629m1902J.N. Collie, J. Outram, H.E.M. Stutfield, G.M. Weed, H. Woolley, C. Kaufmann, H. Kaufmann3
3. Mount Assiniboine AB; BC (32 km SW of Canmore). 3616m2086m1901James Outram; C. Bohren; Christian. Hasler Sr. (App 10-48; AJ 20-545; CAJ 1-90) Other reference Outram 38. 11
4. Mount Temple AB (9 km S of Lake Louise). 3544m1544m1894S. Allen; L. Frissel; W. Wilcox6
5. Mount Joffre AB; BC (52 km NE of Fairmont Hot Springs). 3433m1505m1919J. Hickson; E. Feuz Jr3
6. Mount Hector AB (18 km N of Lake Louise). 3394m1759m1895P. Abbot; C. Fay; C. Thompson3
7. Mount Edith Cavell AB (24 km S of Jasper). 3363m2007m1915A. Gilmour; E. Holway3
8. Mount Fryatt AB (38 km S of Jasper). 3361m1608m1926J. Hickson; H. Palmer; H. Fuhrer2
9. Mount Chown AB (48 km N of Tete Jaune Cache). 3316m1746m1924G. Hargeaves; W. Putman4