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How can I use Google Earth with Bivouac? #8 Back to List   Review Date:2011.03.23

How to work Google Earth in conjunction with Bivouac is documented in the "Authors Resources" section of bivouac. "Author's Resources" is organized as a dictionary, where each program/website has an overview, a quick useful example, then a "Reference Manual" on commonly used functions, and then a journal of bulletins from various members. The bulletins are written by Bivouac members, and periodically edited and consolidated, to allow us to share what we discover. If you have a question, you can also directly email people writing the bulletins.

The scope of this "Authors" dictionary is any program regularly used by Bivouac authors. See <a href=RscLister.asp>Resource Lister</a>.

For specific instructions, see <a href=>Google Earth Instructions</a>.

See <a href=CpxPg.asp?CpxId=1118>Upload Bivouac waypoints to Google Earth</a>