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How to Find the Mountain Id? #4 Back to List   Review Date:2014.08.18

How do I find the Id for a given mountain?

 The mountain ID is now displayed on the mountain page, just to the right of the title.

In addition, you can get the ID of any item (trip, mountain, or photo) by looking at the URL. The URL is displayed in the address window of most browsers. It is the last number on the right of the URL.

For example, supposed you wanted to know the ID for mount Garibaldi. You would search for Mount Garibaldi. Below is the full URL for Mount Garibaldi: <pre> </pre> From the above you can see that the ID of Mount Garibaldi is 30.

For a photo essay or a trip report it is the same, except it will be called PhotoId=2345 or TripId=234.