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How can I find access roads relevant to a given mountain? #3 Back to List   Review Date:2014.08.18

As of 2014, the way I do this is to look up the mountain, then click the "GMap" link. This brings up a topo map showing the roads. Then I can click on the roads and look at the mountain pages.

Another method to find nearby roads is to use the "Radius Search" link on the mountain page.

 Here is an example to find all the roads and trails relevant to Taseko Mountain.

  1. On the front page, type "Taseko Mountain" into the search box. This brings up a page titled "search results", with various subheadings such as "Mountains", "Trip Reports", etc.

  2. On the search results page, click on the link for "Taseko Mountain". This takes you to the Taseko Mountain page.

  3. Click on the red "Gmap" link. This brings up a topo map, and you see various roads labelled. Eg: About 5 km west of Taseko mountain on the map, you see an orange line with green icons every km numbered "6". Hover over this icon, and you see a popup box with "Taseko Lake Road". Click on the title "Taseko Lake Road" link. This brings up the page for that road.