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How do I find easy hikes in Bivouac #19 Back to List   Review Date:2015.10.08

I've received numerous emails asking this question. Here is a good example:

<i> I am a newbie to the bivouac site. While visiting Whistler BC last year I took a ride to the peak. Once up top I noticed people snaking there way to the summit along beaten switchback trails. They were sporting hiking boots and had poles with back backs...nothing to technical. My question is: how do I navigate the vast Bivouac website to find similar routes in terms of climber experience and length?
  signed: newbie. </i>

Dear Newbie,
 One way to find trips is using the "Region map" on the front page. Another way is to use the <a href=TripLister2.asp>Trip Lister</a>. For future reference, you can find the trip lister under "Index" on the front page.

Once you are in the trip lister, the first thing is to set the center to be the town you want. Eg: "Whistler". Then redisplay the list of trips. You can then narrow down the list of trips by setting certain criteria such as "maximum difficulty", or "Access Level". For example, set the maximum <i>difficulty</i> = 2, so you avoid all the trips that involve bushwacking, and exposed climbing. Set the maximum <i>Access level</i> to 1, so you avoid all the trips that require a 4 wheel drive.

<b>Hike Information</b>
 Once you have a relevant list of trips, you can investigate each of them. The first thing to do is to read the "access" field of the trip report, which should tell you the sequence of roads and trails to find the start of the hike. You can then look up pages describing those exact trails.

<b>How to find Road and Trail pages</b>
 In addition to trip reports, the system has several thousand road and trail records. If you bring up any given mountain or town page, you can click on the GMap link. This brings up a topo map with the roads and trails superimposed on it. Then just click on a given trail, and you'll see a page describing everything about that trail.