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How to print Bivouac topo maps #18 Back to List   Review Date:2014.08.15

By default, when you click the GMap link on any mountain or trip page, it brings up a topo map (1:50,000 map) of the area, with an overlay of the bivouac road and trail info. You have two options to print these maps:

<ol> <li>You can directly print the map you see on the screen using the standard print function on your browser. The drawback of the free method is that you have to do a little bit of trial and error to get the map positioned where you want it. And in the end, it is only a single 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. I use the "print preview" function to see what I am going to get.

<li>You can click the "Print It" link. This takes you to the MyTopo website, where you pay 14.00 for a high quality map. These maps will not contain the bivouac roads overlay or peak names.

 If I want a fancy map, I sometimes use a digital map package like Memory-Map. I bought all of BC for 49.00. It allows me to do two or three page maps whose borders perfectly match. It also allows me to import the Bivouac peak names, roads and trails. Then I tape together all the 3 sheets to make one convenient map. I do this on week long traverses.

<li>TRIM maps
 Rather than the 1:50,000 maps, you can also print 1:20,000 scale maps with 20m contours by using the TRIM link on any mountain page. These are not color, but show the bivouac peaks, and the current trip. </ol>