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How do I upload waypoints from GPS to Bivouac? #11 Back to List   Review Date:2014.08.18

(How to export track logs from GPS to Bivouac) The method to export waypoints from a GPS to Bivouac varies depending on the GPS. I regularly export sets of waypoints, and also track logs from my Garmin Oregon. The general plan is to plug in your GPS, and drag a .gpx file off the GPS. Once you've got the .gpx file, you can import it into Gmap.

See how to <a href=CpxPg.asp?CpxId=1115>Export track log from GPS</a>

With the newer Garmin units, (since 2010) such as the Garmin Oregon, you get the .gpx file onto your computer via the USB cable they supply. You then use a piece of free software called Garmin basecamp which makes your GPS look like a hard drive. Then you can export your waypoints as a .Gpx file.

With the older Garmin units, before 2010, they did not directly export a GPX, but instead had something called Garmin protocol, which was understood by numerous programs, and you could then convert to a .gpx.