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How can I transfer waypoints from the TopoMap to Trip Report Waypoints? #10 Back to List   Review Date:2014.08.15

There are 2 methods to get waypoints from the GMap topo map:


<li>Waypoint transfer one point at a time
 This is the simplest, but slow because you are doing one point at a time. Go to a nearby mountain page, click Gmap. Up comes the topo map. Right click on a point and cut and paste the lat-long into your trip report, and add a description.

See <a href=>Get Waypoint from GMap right click</a>

<li>Method 2: Using GMap Draw and Save
 The Bivouac GMap menu has a choice called "Draw and save". When you click that, it allows you to "" an entire route. You then right click any point and display the entire route in bivouac waypoint format. Then cut and paste to your report. See <a href=>How to Draw and Save</a>

<li>Use Gpx file
 Rather than getting waypoints from a map, I now usually make a track log on my GPS and export that to my computer, and import to my trip report. <a href=CpxPg.asp?CpxId=1115>Export GPX file from GPS</a> </ol>