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Can I email Links to other members? #1 Back to List   Review Date:2014.08.15

When corresponding with other members, it is handy to send them links to articles, rather than cutting and pasting the whole article into the mail message. The links will work automatically, only if their browser is logged in, or set for automatic login. Otherwise, they will get a message to login.

 Suppose someone sends you a link such as below: <pre> </pre>
 If the receiver has a web based email program such as GMail, they will see the above text as a link. When they click it, their browser will request the page, and send their login cookies. The server will then directly send them the page.

The way it works is that the server code for every page first calls a function called AutoLogin, which uses the cookies sent with the request to log you in. This assumes you have previously checked "[x] Autologin Next Time" on the Login Screen.

 If you have a problem receiving a link, use the article Id in the URL to search for the article. This is the <a href=RecordSearch.asp>Record Search</a> function. (Record Search is under the Site Index). In record search, just find the record Id (Eg: TripId, PhotoId) in the URL and put it into the form. Here is an example Trip URL: <pre> </pre> Here is how you would fill in the form: <pre>
  Record Type: Trip ID: 1953 </pre>