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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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2014.08.15Can I email Links to other members?
2018.07.12How can I download trip waypoints onto my GPS?
2014.08.18How can I fill in a trip report when I have to look so many things up?
2014.08.18How can I find access roads relevant to a given mountain?
2014.08.18How can I look up a given Trip Report from its Id?
2020.06.09How can I put Gmap onto my smart phone?
2020.06.09How can I put Gmap onto my smart phone?
2014.08.15How can I transfer waypoints from the TopoMap to Trip Report Waypoints?
2014.08.18How can I update the mountain pages?
2011.03.23How can I use Google Earth with Bivouac?
2015.10.08How do I find easy hikes in Bivouac
2014.08.18How do I upload waypoints from GPS to Bivouac?
2014.08.15How to Change Password
2014.08.18How to Find the Mountain Id?
2014.08.15How to print Bivouac topo maps
2014.08.18I forgot my Login Code and Password
2014.08.18What are the definitions of the different road classes?
2014.08.18What if I renew in advance, do I get a full year?
2012.09.25What is the difference between a Composite Trail and a regular Trail?
2014.08.18Why can't Bivouac be Free?
2017.01.16Why do I have to trace my raw gpx file
2014.08.18Why do you send email verification messages?
2018.07.12Why use Draw and Save for Trip Waypoints

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