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High Altitude Illness - Symptoms and Prevention #869
Written: 2005.10.23 by: Fred Touche

This article was written from notes taken during a meeting with Dr. Anita Tannis who has worked at the Pheriche High Altitude Clinic in Nepal. Additional data was added from research and personal experience.

Anyone planning a high altitude excursion should be aware of the potential health consequences and know how to mitigate these effects. If you don't, you could be in for a nasty revelation that you will remember for a long time. You need to be extra cautious if you live at low altitude and/or have a history high altitude illness. [h2]How high is high altitude?[/h2] There is no widely accepted definition of where high altitude starts, or how to label various elevation zones. The following is my own subjective breakdown, which you may legitimately disagree with: [pre] [li]Low altitude:

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