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1958 Lituya Bay Mega-tsunami #5297
Written: 2017.03.31 by: Cliff Jennings

In the 1970's I read a book by Paddy Sherman that included their ascent of Mount Fairweather. After the climb they were picked up early due to incoming weather. Two hours & 17 minutes later an earthquake & massive tsunami struck. This is a copy of his account from Cloud Walkers by Patrick Sherman 1965.

We radioed to the Royal Canadian Air Force, asking them to pick us up on Thursday, July 10, instead of July 12 as planned. On Monday, July 7, we headed out to Lituya Bay. Lituya Bay is about seven miles long and T-shaped. The short north and south arms of the T are fiords made by long glaciers that come right into the water. Great peaks rise from its head, and lesser peaks clad in forest and flowers flank both sides. The entrance is very narrow and may be used only at certain stages of the tide because currents boil through it at up to fourteen knots. La Perouse came here in 1786 on his

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