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Charge Capacity Tests for Common AA and AAA Batteries
Written: 2012.10.13 by: Robin Tivy

A summary of capacity tests for some common brands of AA and AAA batteries. And some recommendations.

This report tells you how much charge various models of AA and AAA battery actually hold. (as opposed to how much the manufacturers say they hold). [h2]BACKGROUND THEORY[/h2] The "capacity" of a battery is typically stated in terms of how much current it can deliver for a given period of time. The standard unit for current is "Amp", and 1/1000 of an amp is a mA. AA batteries are typically rated in mAH (Milliamp hours). A 1000 mAH battery would deliver 1 amp for 1 hour. But that doesn't tell you how much energy, unless you know the voltage. The same amps at a high voltage is more power. The

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