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Cell Phone Interference with Avalanche Transeivers
Written: 2012.03.06 by: Steve Grant

Reports on interference between cell phones and avalanche transceivers are inconsistent.

There are reports of cell phones interfering with avalanche transceivers. Specifically an Arvo EVO3+ and an iPhone. As a result of the concerns, I did my own testing. For transceivers, I used two Ortovox F1's. The results do not necessarily have any validity for any other tranceivers. One transceiver was sending, the other was receiving. Against them, I tested: a cheap portable AM radio, a Garmin Hcx GPS, a Blackberry 8330 cell phone, an led headlamp, and a digital camera. I did not test the phone while making a call with it. None of the gadgets had any effect on either of the

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