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Some Rechargable Batteries Won't run Digital Cameras when cold
Written: 2011.04.02 by: Robin Tivy

At least some NiMH AA rechargables don't work at low temperatures in at least 2 Digital Cameras. Experiments based on Pentax Optio 33 and 2 models of battery.

This winter I've been having problems with my camera not working when I pull it out to take a picture. It is a Pentax Optio 33 WR in which I use two Nickle Metal Hydride (NiMH AA rechargable batteries). Is it the camera? Is it the batteries? Is it the cold? So I looked on various websites, but didn't find sufficent reliable data. So I undertook to do a few experiments, and reporting the results to people I can later question - Bivouac authors. So after an extensive set of experiments, I found out one simple fact: [i] My cold rechargable batteries work perfectly well in a low current

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