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Case Study: Uploading Trip Waypoints from Oregon 450t
Written: 2010.06.18 by: Robin Tivy

Walk thru of how I used the Oregon on my Deeks Lake trip to gather waypoints, then upload them for my trip report.

This article is a "case study" of using an Oregon GPS on an actual trip, as opposed to my [Rvw3417-general review] of the Oregon. The basic idea is to walk thru the usage of the unit in an actual test case, and make comments. The trip I'm using for this case study is [Trip6949-Deeks Peak trip]. The waypoints in that trip report were uploaded from the GPS. I used the Bivouac [a href=Gpx4.asp]gpx parser[/a] to put them in the right format for my trip report. I thought it would be useful to write up my procedure, and comment on the GPS unit at the same time. The instructions as to how to perform

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