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Great Landscape Pictures from a Small Camera using GND Filters
Written: 2010.04.15 by: Vern Dewit

camera, landscapes, photography, GND, graduated neutral density, filter, CPL, polarizing, technique

Review 2014: This article is about using GND Filters with small cameras. GND means "Graduated Neutral density". I wrote this article for Singh-Ray filters earlier this year. [h2]Don't blow the Highlights[/h2] Ever wonder how to get those white clouds, blue lakes and darker foregrounds in the same landscape shot on a small sensor camera without using advanced high dynamic range (HDR) and digital blending techniques? [photo]temple.jpg [caption]Mount Temple, Photographed with Panasonic GH1 + Singh-ray 2 stop filter and polarizer[/photo] There's an easy answer and it doesn't involve

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