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Whistler-Blackcomb Expansion into Flute Bowl: Local Groups Respond
Written: 2004.06.15 by: Mitch Sulkers

Whistler/Blackcomb and Intrawest have recently released a number of press releases outlining plans to make a "liftless" development in the popular Flute Bowl area, which, until two years ago, was part of Garibaldi Park. The following is a joint response from the Whistler Section of the ACC and Sea-to-Sky ParkWatch.

[photo]krispieglades.jpg[caption]Traditional Use in the Flute Bowl/Rice Krispie Glades[/photo] Whistler Section of the Alpine Club of Canada/Sea-to-Sky ParkWatch Joint Press Release Response to Whistler-Blackcomb's "Liftless Expansion" to Flute June 14, 2004 Last week, Whistler-Blackcomb announced its plans for "Whistler Mountain's single largest terrain expansion ever," which included expansion of the controlled ski area boundaries to Flute Summit. Does the Flute announcement signal Whistler-Blackcomb's concern with safety and the environment or is it just an inevitable step

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