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Avalanche Skills Training in Oboe Basin, Whistler
Written: 2008.03.27 by: Frank W. Baumann

Oboe Basin is a very popular out of area destination for skiers and boarders trying to find good powder in the Whistler ski area. But this is also serious avalanche terrain where winter recreationists must be cautious and knowledgeable in order to stay safe. Remember, an avalanche is like a terrorist: it only has to be successful once to kill you!

[photo]oboeoverview.jpg[caption]Overview picture of Oboe Basin looking northwest towards Whistler Ski area. Flute Peak is just out of sight at upper left.[/photo] Oboe Basin, reached by hiking or touring to the top of Flute Peak from Symphony Amphitheatre at Whistler, is a popular out-of-area destination for those trying to find powder snow. It is easy to forget, though, that this is serious avalanche terrain that must be treated cautiously. Before going, you should be knowledgeable about avalanches, check the avalanche danger rating and the weather forecast, and make sure you have all

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