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Snow Avalanche Risk Management
Written: 2008.03.11 by: Frank W. Baumann

Snow avalanche risk management is a more thorough way of dealing with avalanche danger, compared to just using the avalanche danger scale, or trusting to luck. It involves applying an easy-to-learn sequence of five steps when venturing into the mountains.

[photo]sootheravalancheMR.jpg[caption]Avalanches in northern Garibaldi Park- the lower slide started on about a 20 slope.[/photo] Most winter recreationists are familiar with the avalanche danger scale (Low, Moderate, Considerable, High, Extreme) and use it to assess avalanche threats. But the avalanche danger scale cannot be used in isolation to keep you reasonably safe- a winter recreationist must also consider what might happen to them if an avalanche occurs (the consequence), how they define "safe" (risk acceptability), and what they can do to stay acceptably safe (risk reduction).

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