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Garmin eTrex and GPS 12 Comparison
Written: 2003.05.04 by: Robin Tivy

A user guide listing the main mountaineering functions on a GPS. Each section first introduces the function, then gives instructions for both the GPS 12 and eTrex.

Review 2017: This is a historical document. See [QTab32-Standard GPS Operations] for modern GPS and cellphone GPS apps. Original Preface: The idea of this document is that you can familiarize yourself with the main mountaineering functions of a GPS, and then perform them on a GPS 12 and eTrex and decide which one you like. Each function is first explained in generic terms, and then I compare how to use it on the Garmin eTrex and GPS 12. You could use the same framework for buying any GPS. [px]eTrex.jpg[c]Trex[/px] [px]gps12.jpg[c]GPS12[/px] [h2]1. USER INTERFACE[/h2] The first

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