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Crag Climbing Around the West Kootenays #1286
Written: 2006.07.20 by: Sandra McGuinness

A brief, and probably biased, review of some of the crag climbing areas around the West Kootenays.

[photo]slocan_doug_pie2.jpg[caption]Doug Brown leading Pie at Slocan Bluffs[/photo] True, the West Kootenays is better known for awesome ski terrain than long, multi-pitch rock climbs, but, despite heavy rainfall that makes some crags mossy (a wire brush is of more use on some climbs than a chalk bag), there is a good variety of rock climbing to be found in the local area. This is a brief, and probably biased, review of some of our local climbing areas with links to some on-line guidebooks, gratuitous rock climbing photos, scanty access directions, and a few comments about my favourite

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