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Denali - Numbers from Expedition of 2019 #5717
Back To Discussion List Written: 2020.12.20 by: Serguei Okountsev

In this thread I am posting numbers only. I lack skills in writing lengthy cohesive trip reports, so I chose this format: one comment = one number. So that one can make a rough idea what it took two of us to climb the tallest peak in North America. For the same reason, I also chose incremental form: will be adding new comment-number pairs as I go trough my records that I made during our trip. There will be no partiuclar order or structure. Yet, I hope it makes sense - if not practical, but then at least amusing.


#6901 - 2021.01.12 Serguei Okountsev - 55 years old on average (Photos)
On May-27 2019, our average age was exactly 55 years. On that day we spent the last night at 14K camp before moving up to the last, "High Camp" at 5,218 m. We would climb to the top of Denali 3 days later.

#6891 - 2021.01.01 Serguei Okountsev - 550 days of planning (Photos)
I entered GPS coordinates of the five official camps on November-1 2017, which marked the first day of our preparations. We left Vancouver for Alaska on May-5th 2019 which was after 550 days or exactly 1.5 years. Denali was mentioned by us every one of these days.  

#6877 - 2020.12.20 Serguei Okountsev - Expedition party: 2 climbers
Our climbing team consisted of two climbers: Weiwei Yin  (Vera) and Serguei Okountsev (myself). No guides, no porters. We climbed Denali entirely on our own: carried and hauled everything, every day melted snow, prepared food and made decisions.