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Custom Gpx Files #5013
Back To Discussion List Written: 2018.02.19 by: Robin Tivy

This discussion is for those people who are creating custom Gpx files and know how to open them with a text editor. Non custom Gpx files are program generated, but Custom are edited by hand usually with a text editor. The things that can generate gpx files are your GPS, or the various Bivouac generators. But you can also build your own custom gpx files. For example, Glenn Woodsworth created one that shows all the peaks climbed by Dick Culbert before 1958. Steve Grant created one by studying Google Earth and finding all the illegal snowmobiles in the Rainbow lake area. Or you could create a Gpx file showing all the ski routes on a certain mountain. This article is all about the tools and techniques you can use to create such custom gpx files.

To go with this discussion, I wrote a multi-chapter document titled Creating Custom Gpx Files


#6222 - 2018.02.22 Robin Tivy - I created new document
Today I published a new document Creating Custom Gpx Files which is an introduction to editing gpx files using a text editor.