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Boots coming undone while bushwacking #4666
Back To Discussion List Written: 2016.07.06 by: Robin Tivy

Lots of people have trouble with my boots unlacing going thru the brush. So I thought I may as well start a discussion, so we all get some ideas. All three pairs of my hiking boots are the type with hooks in the top 3 positions, rather than eye holes.

There are two problems: knots coming undone, and laces coming off the hooks.

 There are various internet articles showing improved knots. Here is a diagram of secureknot. It is easy to do from the diagrams, but I haven't tried it yet in the bush.

The crudest knot is to just tie a double, triple or quadruple square knot in the laces, and tuck in the ends. On my recent Burke mountain trip, I eventually settled on a fairly tight quadruple square knot with the ends tucked into my boot.

 Even with a bombproof knot, you still have the problem of the lace coming off the hooks. (All my boots have the top 3 or 4 tie points as hooks rather than eye holes. I suspect that boots with eyeholes rather than loops would work better. My best idea for future trips is to cover up the laces with those small lightweight $7.00 gaiters that just cover the laces. Another idea is to hammer down the hooks so the lace is tight in them would help.

Different Laces:
 The round laces seem to be worse than the old flat laces. There are also waxed laces versus non-waxed.


#1837 - 2016.07.06 Simon Chesterton - Gaiters
I usually just wear gaiters if I'm doing any sustained amount of bushwacking to protect my shins mainly with the laces covered up secondary (along with keeping plant debris, needles etc. out of my boots).