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Using Peakfinder to help identify peaks? #4286
Back To Discussion List Written: 2014.09.16 by: Lucas Earl

I stumbled across this PeakFinder site today, and wonder if it could be useful for identifying peaks when uploading panoramas or looking back at old trip reports.

I entered in Salal Peak (Athelney Pass area) and was able to have a 360 view of the topography visible from that point, as well as set the time of day and year in order to create realistic shadowing. I was able to recognize the profile of many peaks, and was surprised as to what could be visible on a clear day.

I wish you could set the topography to have google earth imagery overlain, but otherwise this seems like a great tool. You can also enter a specific lat-lon coordinate, so you're not limited by predefined peaks. However, the peaks that show up in the panorama are not necessarily all inclusive, but it looks pretty good.

I know I always have trouble identifying peaks when uploading panorama shots to Bivouac, and I feel this could be very helpful for myself and others.

You can check it out here: Salal Peak in Peakfinder

[This is the view from Salal Peak]


#1792 - 2014.10.08 Dean Richards - Thanks!
I've since used this tool and also found it useful. Since it doesn't have updated bivouac info, there are many peaks that don't show up, but for telephoto shots of big areas, or those peaks on the edge of the horizon 200km away, it's great. Thanks for the tip!

#1791 - 2014.09.22 Simon Chesterton - Impressive2
Good to verify peaks and ID the "not so sure" ones.

#1790 - 2014.09.16 Brian Buick - Impressive
Thanks for sharing this. This summer I stopped at a viewpoint on Highway 20 at the top of The Hill and took some telephoto shots, then spent a considerable time at home with Google Earth flying back and forth trying to identify the peaks in my photos. I just tested PeakFinder with this location and got the same information instantly. I have no idea how it works but it's excellent.