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McMurdo Fastfind Ranger Discussion #4284
Back To Discussion List Written: 2014.09.08 by: Robin Tivy

When I was down at the coop looking at Spot devices and sat phones, I saw a unit called a McMurdo Fastfind Ranger in the same display case. The guy behind the counter said he has one of them. At first, I was thinking it was a different variation on a SPOT device, but now I think of them as a separate type of animal: it is a PLB or Personal Locator Beacon. Like an EPIRB or ELT.

So I'd like to hear from anybody who has one of these. YOu can either post a comment on this discussion, or write a review.

 These devices are sealed units, only useful for emergency. They are like a Spot device that can only send one message, and only to one location. They are cheap, because you don't need a subscription. These are only intended to be used in emergency, so they are not useful to tell people you are OK. You turn it on and it sends out a continuous distress signal for 30 hours. It sends a signal at 406 MHz via satellite to the rescue coordination center with your GPS coordinates. It also sends out a local 121.5 MHz signal to help rescuers find exactly where you are when they get close. It will transmit for 30 hours.


#6070 - 2017.06.16 Steve Grant - ACR PLB's
ACR makes several PLB's that are of interest to hikers and paddlers. I've posted a comparison of the various SOS device options, with emphasis on the ACR ResQlink.

#1789 - 2014.09.09 Mike Wickett - Had one for last two years
Bought one of these a couple years ago at the Co-op as I didn't want to be paying monthlies for a Spot or any other fees. Mostly I bought it for any emergency situations. If there was ever a need for help I thought this would bring it quickest as the fastfind uses the dedicated Cospas SARSAT system, whereas the Spot and the inReach use Iridium or Globalstar networks and a relay center somewhere in the states(I hope). Just thought it better that any signal go straight to a SAR agency that could actually dispatch some assistance instead of allowing a 3rd party to possibly mess up somewhere relaying the alert. I didn't want 2 way communication if people at work could find me.. ;)