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21 Mile Creek User Survey (to 2013) #3798
Back To Discussion List Written: 2011.12.22 by: Scott Nelson

The 21 Mile Creek drainage is a non-motorized zone and snowmobiling is prohibited. The Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC is conducting a user survey to measure the frequency of illegal snowmobile use in 21 Mile Creek. The results from the survey will guide compliance and enforcement actions by government conservation officers.

The non-motorized zone includes Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Mountain, Gin & Tonic Lakes and the north side of Mt. Sproatt. Hanging Lake, the west side of Gin Peak and the south side of Mt. Sproatt are outside the non-motorized zone.

If you've done a trip into 21 mile creek, please take 1 minute of your time to complete the survey. Only one member of your party needs to complete the survey. The survey will be open all season to collect as much data as possible. Data is welcome from any trip since March 12 2009. That's the day the Sea to Sky LRMP went into effect.


#1750 - 2013.11.21 Scott Nelson - No change
Same as last year - 8:30am to 4:30pm. I'm told they are (were?) investigating getting an overnight caretaker but either haven't come to a decision or decided against it.

#1749 - 2013.11.20 Mitch Sulkers - Opening hours?
Scott: Any word on whether the hours of operation might be extended slightly? That four o'clock closing time is a bit early for spring tours...

#1748 - 2013.11.20 Scott Nelson - Survey 2013-2014
The FMCBC 21 mile creek user survey is continuing this year for another season. If you find yourself skiing or snowboarding in the sproatt or rainbow areas please fill out the survey at Completing the survey only takes 1 minute. The survey is used to track the non-compliance of snowmobiles with the Twentyone Mile Creek non-motorized area.

This year RSTBC is actually implementing some enforcement to try to keep snowmobiles out of the watershed. The 21 mile creek user survey will be critical for monitoring the effectiveness of this enforcement. If the increased enforcement doesn't keep the snowmobilers out this year the government is talking about a full closure of the whole Sproatt massif. So make sure to get out there this season and note where the snowmobiles are riding and report it in the survey.

Whistler Olympic Park is continuing with the parking only fee ($10 per car) that they introduced last year. Combine that with the recent improvements on the Hanging Lake trail and access is better than ever. With the most difficult part rerouted, the Hanging Lake trail is now certified intermediate friendly. And there is a great variety of ski terrain to choose from beyond Hanging Lake. Now all we need is some snow!

#1642 - 2012.12.10 Scott Nelson - User survey continuing for 2012-2013
The 21 mile creek user survey is continuing again this season. Please take 1 minute to complete the survey if you visit 21 mile creek this year.