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ATV Users Campaign to use all of Kettle Valley RR #3732
Back To Discussion List Written: 2011.07.20 by: Robin Tivy

Al Stukas of Trails BC sent me the following notice, which I am posting as a public service.

Attached is a Trails BC letter to the Minster of Forests, Land, and Natural Resource Operations, the Honorable Steven Thomson. The supplementary document accompanying the cover letter goes into Trails BC concerns in more depth. Please read these.


Over the last two years there has been resurfacing of sections of the KVR trail between Summerland and Faulder. In attempt to maintain the integrity of this newly surfaced sections as well as to ensure safety for the self-propelled users, the RSTBC(Government Department-Recreations Sites and Trails, BC) just before the May long weekend posted official non-motorized signs on these sections. These non-motorized signs were immediately taken down by motorized users. The motorized users are still using these sections and these resurfaced sections are already starting to deteriorate from continuing motorized use.

 On June 10th, the Summerland ATV club hosted an online petition The petition in effect is demanding that motorized recreationalists have complete access to the trails of the KVR. Since the petition was inaugurated by the local ATV club the provincial ATV association has taken up the cause not only from the local club perspective but from the perspective of all motorized users in the province. Refer to and also to the embedded link on that page Trail_Update_July13th.

  The result of all of this is that there is now a concerted political campaign by all the motorized groups to allow official motorized access on the KVR trail.

So far the only message that the politicians are getting is that the only ones interested about this are the motorized users with their access concerns. Our sources have told us this campaign is well under way and has gotten the attention of local politicians. Now is time for the concerned non-motorized users to take a stand on this issue, otherwise the politicians will defer to the ones doing the lobbying right now.

If you believe that this is an issue of concern to you, we urge you to write an e-mail or better yet a letter to the minster responsible for trails in the province, the Honorable Steve Thomson and to your local MLA's. It could be worthwhile to also send to the premier, and even some of the government MLA's of the southern Interior. The Trails BC letter emphasized the impact to tourism and the Trans Canada Trail, but there are many other concerns that individuals could highlight and articulate on: safety, promoting health and active living, quality of trail experience, promoting green initiatives etc.

Al Skucas President & Rockies 250-489-1083, (c)250-417-9110


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