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Does anyone know how to digitize a route in Google Earth? #3629
Back To Discussion List Written: 2010.12.16 by: Robin Tivy

What I'm looking for is something like the functionality in every digital map program. You typically select a "tool" such as "Create Route", and then a series of waypoints, then export it as a .gpx file. Digital map programs such as memory-map all have this capeability.


#1522 - 2011.02.17 Mitch Thornton - simple alternative to creating a path
Path creation can be achieved by using the distance measurement ruler, set on "path". Draw your route, when complete click the save button in the measurement dialog box & fill in the form.

#1498 - 2010.12.22 Robin Tivy - I updated in
Using Scott's instructions, I updated the "Authors Resources". How to Digitize a route. Now all I need is a good tool to do the conversion from .kml to .gpx.

#1497 - 2010.12.17 Scott Nelson - add path
Yes it's called "add path" In my version (mac) there's a button for this in the toolbar above the main window.

#1496 - 2010.12.16 Vito Gudaitis - Additional Info
The version of Google Earth that I use doesn't have anything called "Create Path" in the Tools menu, but it does have "Path" and "Placemark" in the Add menu. I usually map trails into Google Earth by adding whatever placemarks I've recorded in my GPS and then drawing in the trail. Press Ctrl+Shift+P for each placemark and then Ctrl+Shift+T for the trail. After drawing in the trail I usually delete the placemarks. I'm only using the free version of Google Earth, but I suspect that you could automate this activity with the professional version.

#1494 - 2010.12.16 Scott Nelson - Yes
Use the "create path" tool. Click points to create it. It appears as a line, not a series on link waypoints. It will show up in your "My places" toolbar on the left as a path. Right click on the path in the "my places" toolbar and select "save place". This will save the path as a .kml file. Use your favourite conservsion program to turn the kml file into gpx or whatever.