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Five Fingers Group - Naming The Peaks #3364
Back To Discussion List Written: 2010.07.19 by: Simon Chesterton

When you look at the Five Finger Group from Meslilloet or Bonnycastle I get the impression that the naming of the peaks in the Bivouac database could be wrong. The Middle Finger is straightforward as it is the highest and in the middle of the group. Basing my assessment of the other peak names, I'm going by holding up my left hand with the palm away from me looking eastward so that the peaks from north to south would be: Little Finger, Ring Finger, Middle Finger, Fore Finger and Thumb (1.5km SW of Middle).

According to the Java Map, the north-south labeling is: Little Finger, Middle Finger, Thumb and Fore Finger (1.5km SW of Middle). Ring Finger is not in the database. Can anyone shed any light on the naming arrangement and any official naming of these peaks.


#1455 - 2010.07.25 Simon Chesterton - Thanks for clarifying.
Edited. Okay, got it figured out now.

#1454 - 2010.07.25 Ramsay Dyer - Thumb
Thanks Glenn.

I just noticed that the thumb is identified here:


#1453 - 2010.07.24 Glenn Woodsworth - Peaks identified
I've annotated a photo of Paul Kubik's to show the names of the peaks as you'd see thim from Meslilloet or Bonnycastle.

See Five Fingers annotated. Your hand analogy is good, but modify it so that the palm away from you and the thumb hidden by the middle finger, not spread out.

I've fixed the locations in the database and added Ring Finger and Consolation Dome.

#1452 - 2010.07.22 Ramsay Dyer - Contact Justin Brown
He probably has good photos of the area. Paul Kubik makes what looks like a good guess here: PhotoPg.asp?PhotoId=4698 Looks like the thumb/forefinger might be not well separated?