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JavaMap vs ZoomMap vs AutoMap #3331
Back To Discussion List Written: 2010.06.30 by: Dean Richards

What's the difference between these 3 maps? Are their advantages to each one?


#1457 - 2010.07.29 Robin Tivy - Here are the differences
1. Java Map: This is the original program. The basic idea is that we wrote a "plotter" in the Java language, and when you click on one of these maps, the bivouac application sends the data to the plotter. To run it, go to any mountain page, then click the Javamap link. A form will come up allowing you to specify the radius in km. Then when you click submit, the map will come up. The mountains and trails on the map are clickable.

2. Automap is just an automatically sized version of Javamap. Eg: Rather than having to specify the radius, the program automatically figures out a suitable radius for the trip report or road being displayed.

3. Zoom Map: These maps use a newer version of the java language, but when you click, the map comes up in a separate window. Its a bit more awkward than the original Javamap, but has more capeabilities in some areas. It has the ability to "fill" polygons such as lakes, and allows the application to request different line widths, and also dotted lines. However, it is more awkward to refresh after adding new peaks or editing roads, and for that reason many editors prefer the original javamap. To run it, go to any mountain page, then click "Zoom Map".

#1451 - 2010.07.01 Scott Webster - My vague understanding
I think the automap is like the javamap but it guesses at the scale by trying to keep the feature you are making a map of on the screen. Zoommap is something different, as you can see from the output...