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Beverley or Beverly? #3300
Back To Discussion List Written: 2010.06.08 by: Scott Nelson

So what's in a name?

A recent naming conundrum I've come across is the name of the Lake west of Rainbow Mountain. There's no question that it's called Beverley Lake, but it seems to be spelled differently in different places. The name is not registered in the BC geographic names database, so there's no official spelling.

  Sources using "Beverley Lake/Creek":

 Whistler & Region Recreation Map, first edition, published 1991 by ITMB
 Mitch Sulker's photo essay.
 Other articles on - presumably the spelling originates from Mitch's photo essay cited above.
 I've also created a bunch of signs for the Beverley Creek Trail using this spelling, based on the ITMB map as my primary source.

  Sources using "Beverly Lake/Creek":

 Whistler Area Topographic Map - Recreation Map and Village Guide 1st Edition, published by Mussino Ventures ~2005. Mapping by Tom Barrat Ltd. and Talisman Resource Consultants.
 Whistler Olympic Park maps, 2008-2010. Mapping by Tom Barrat Ltd.
 Callaghan Valley map, published 2010 by Clark Geomatics.


#1448 - 2010.06.12 Mitch Sulkers - Information from RMOW document?
I believe the info may have come from a mid-80's recreational plan document for the Callaghan area.

I've also seen the spelling on photos from the 40's, but I'm not certain if the captions were current or from the original.

I'd note that Madeley, nearby, was spelt with the ey ending, which is still a popular ending for Beverley. Madeley was named after a Squamish resident killed during WWII in 1945.

The Fairhursts, who spent quite a lot of time in the Sproatt/Rainbow area during the forties, had many photos of the area from the mid-forties in the Whistler Museum and Archives.

#1447 - 2010.06.11 Mitch Sulkers - Forgotten source...
My source was an old map. I do not know the origin of the name, but know that several old Whistler residents frequented the area as it was directly up the valley from their homes.

The Philip's of Rainbow Lodge took visitors into the area and there was a registered trap line in the area as well.

No disrespect for Tom, but details such as spelling on his map would not necessarily be reliable. Not certain of his source either, but could ask him.

#1445 - 2010.06.08 Scott Webster - Why is it called this in the first place?
I guess it's obvious, but ideally we could find out why it was called Beverley in the first place. Perhaps contacting the authors of "actual publications" could help because it's possible they did some research to figure out the correct spelling.