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Proposed Swift Creek trail and Brohm Ridge ski development #2486
Back To Discussion List Written: 2009.07.09 by: Paul Kubik

There is a call for volunteers to build a hiking trail to the north side of Brohm Ridge from Swift Creek FSR. See RoadPg.asp?RoadId=1251

There is also a proposed ski hill development for Brohm Ridge (GAS - Garibaldi at Squamish) which has reached some kind of review phase. Looking at the overview map of the GAS development proposal, it looks like the proposed route of the trail would be in GAS areas 11 and 12. I'm not sure it would be an effective use of trail building resources until such time as the GAS decision is made.

Perhaps a better route for the trail would be the "Old Growth" valley route, which leads east from a switchback on Swift Creek FSR. Thoughts?


#1312 - 2009.07.13 Greg Jones - FSR
The last line in Scott Nelson's post is extremely accurate. Remember, this is a timber sale in Swift Creek.

#1311 - 2009.07.13 Scott Webster - What is the purpose of this trail?
So, what is the purpose of this trail? I am guessing to provide quicker access to Brohm Ridge while the Swift Creek Road is in better condition than Cheekye/Brohm River roads? Or is the proposed trail itself actually part of the attraction? Robin's Brohm traverse use (where there is no car on the Brohm-ridge side) seems perhaps like a low-probability scenario in general?

#1309 - 2009.07.13 Robin Tivy - Dropping into the Old Growth Valley is a completely different trip
Dropping into the Old Growth Valley is a different trip from going up to the meadows on Brohm Ridge. The proposed trail idea was to just go directly up to Brohm ridge, which would improve the big thrash that we did last year to come down from Brohm Ridge. See Brohm Ridge Traverse. Just a summer hiking route. Probably just a few flags would do, plus perhaps make some way thru the clearcut.

#1305 - 2009.07.09 Scott Nelson - Old Growth Valley is in Garibaldi Park
The Old growth valley is outside of the proposed GAS resort, but within Garibaldi Park. Approval from BC Parks would be required to do any sort of trail development. Furthermore, the road might not be driveable for very long if the culverts all get pulled out again after the new logging is complete.