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BeeLineGPS and's GPX files. #2435
Back To Discussion List Written: 2009.06.18 by: Matt Ion

Hey all, new here, just signed up a couple days ago as I'm vacationing in Whistler and was looking for info on some 4x4ing roads. Liked the site so much, I upgraded immediately to a paid membership :)

Anyway, I'm using BeeLineGPS from VisualGPS on my HTC Windows Mobile phone, and I've been trying to import both the CSV and GPX files, and neither seems to be working.

BeeLine appears to only accept the Lat, Long and Comment fields in a CSV (although at least it lets me select if I want Lat/Long or Long/Lat); I've tried editing out the extra columns but so far, no luck...

It also doesn't like the GPX files, which I understood to be a "standard" of sorts.

All I can think of (I haven't had time to really investigate this yet) is that it doesn't like the data format of bivouac's files - ie. maybe bivouac is using DD format while BeeLine is expecting DM? If so, is there a way to get the CSVs and/or GPXs in different notations? Or will I need to run things through a converter?

Or is this just something I should take up with VisualGPS tech support?

Nice thing is, the GPX files do import readily into Google Earth... unfortunately, I don't have a printer here, so I can't print myself trail/waypoint maps... and of course, I forgot my USB GPS "puck" for my laptop, so I can't just tote that along for guidance.

Ahh well... hey, kudos to everyone who put this site together, it's really amazing. I really appreciate the "primitive" website design - like Craigslist, it just gives you the info you need without dressing it up and bogging it down with backgrounds and pictures and flashy bits.


#1537 - 2011.07.04 Robin Tivy - You can now directly drag gpx files to a GPS
I noticed people were reading this discussion, so here's the latest answer I would give: You no longer need GPS babel to convert because you can directly upload a bivouac GPX file to most GPS.

Bivouac trail .gpx files currently contain both individual waypoints and a track log. (This was a change from using the Rte tags, so it would better display in Google Earth. The waypoints duplicate some of the points on the track log, which allows Google Earth to label those points.

And you can upload such files directly to your GPS, without using a conversion program such as beeline. See How can I download trip waypoints onto my GPS in the bivouac FAQ list (under help).

I have successfully tested this by putting a file onto my Garmin Oregon. The program you use is the free "Garmin Basecamp", and you just drag the .gpx file onto your GPS.

#1297 - 2009.06.27 Matt Ion - Update: got it to work!
So for anyone else interested in using bivouac's .GPX files with BeeLine GPS: GPSBabel will convert the file formats! Load the original GPX into GPSBabel, select Filter, then Transform, Routes->Waypoints. Select an output file (also .GPX), and let'er rip!

Command line is gpsbabel.exe -p "" -w -r -t -i gpx -f "[infile]" -x transform,wpt=rte,del=n -o gpx -F "[outfile]"

#1294 - 2009.06.19 Matt Ion
Thanks, Paul... I gotta pack to get outta here now, but I'll do that when I get home!

#1293 - 2009.06.19 Paul Kubik - Ask Robin to make an enhancement
You could try creating a trouble ticket on the site and see if Robin has time to look into it. It could be categorized as an enhancement rather than a bug.

#1292 - 2009.06.18 Matt Ion - Waypoint tags only, not Route Tags
Okay, well, I contacted BeeLine's author, he asked me to send him one of the GPX files... here's his reply:

"I took a look at the file and now know why BeeLineGPS is having troubles. Currently BeeLineGPS only supports importing waypoints from a GPX file. The file you have has "RTE" (routes) defined and BeeLineGPS does not support routes.

"Sorry for the inconvenience."

Wonder if I can edit the files as needed? "Sorry for the inconvenience"... okay, so does that mean it will get fixed in newer versions, or...???