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Summit Log on Bivouac? #2259
Back To Discussion List Written: 2009.03.10 by: Don Funk

I think that this site would be more interesting with a summit log. Members could sign in after making the summit of a particular peak or mountain and record the date of summit and make any comments about the climb or conditions at the summit. This would help provide a better sense of community on this site. Also the data could be used to help rank mountains in terms of popularity as I think there would be a fairly direct relationship between the number of summit logs and the peaks popularity. Over time this could help skew the value of trip reports and photo essays to factor in how popular a peak is and the likely hood an outsider would consider that peak a destination. A peak in remote location may be a big mountain with high prominence, but if it rarely if ever sees any visitors for whatever reason, then that should be reflected in its value on this site, at least that's the way I would expect to see it.


#1196 - 2009.03.12 Robin Tivy - Summit Log and other new features
One part of this discussion I can relate to is the need to make it easier for people who are not familiar with an area to quickly find a list of suitable areas (or peaks) to investigate. Eg: If you are going to the Kootenays, and have some digital maps, tell me about all the places I could consider for a 7 day ski trip.

Right now, what we have is the Trip Lister. But it needs fixing to just show ski trips.

But I don't have time, I work all day every day just supporting the features we have, and sometimes making incremental improvements. It really does take a lot of work, and I could sure use some help!!

Here's how I understand the use of the site. Number 1 "Model user" is somebody with a map in front of them, who wants to pull out relevant info relating to doing a trip in that area. So they want to access all the access info, trip reports, photos, etc.

Any new feature has to relate directly to doing a better job of serving that user, I suppose.

I suppose it might be interesting to know how many times a given peak is being climbed, but that wouldn't be as much value as fixing the hundreds of trips in the database that do not have certain fields filled in such as good "Road Access" descriptions. Even many of my own trip reports are not as good as they can be. "Elevation Gain".

So I think we need some way to complete the scope of what we've already chewed off, and to avoid any new features till we prove we can digest what we've got.

#1195 - 2009.03.12 Don Funk - Make routes clickable links?
That sounds like a good idea Scott and Jason. This could be solved by having routes listed as separate links you click on to see more information. This way one could enter a choice of either an entry as a bulletin, or entry into a summit register for a particular mountain. You would then be prompted to select one of the routes listed for the mountain (if present) and the bulletin or summit register would apply to that particular route of the mountain. And this way, one could see which particular route of a mountain is most likely to be repeated (ie popular). A link to summarize and show all bulletins or summit registers for that mountain could be visible on the mountain page. Perhaps this process could be applied to areas as well as mountains, so that longer routes or treks could be handled as well?

#1194 - 2009.03.12 Jason Holliday - Trip briefings page?
Maybe we should have some kind of 'trip briefings' page for quick bulletins that don't easily fit into other categories, but that automatically setup a link on the appropriate feature page. So for example if someone reports they climbed Atwell and wants to provide a quick conditions report, that report might show up as a link on the Garibaldi Lake Trail, Garibaldi Neve page, Elfin lakes, or whatever was appropriate (as determined by whomever did the trip). Although maybe this would be too difficult to standardize given the current format.

#1193 - 2009.03.10 Don Funk - List of popular trips
Another way to address popular trips is to have a separate list (or selectable with drop down menu) for each area based on how popular a particular route or mountain is. This would help address the needs of foreigners who have no knowledge of a particular region and would like to get out on something the locals would recommend.

#1192 - 2009.03.10 Don Funk - Bivouac is an encyclopedia for the people
Scott, just because bivouac is an encyclopedia doesn't mean it can't be interactive to best serve the needs of the people using it. I don't see how having a summit register will dilute any information currently available. If you have links to the register, then this info is only visible when you click on the link to it. And having an online summit register would be much the same as recording one's ascent in a register located on the actual summit, except it would be available to anyone interested in the history of ascents made on the mountain. Also, I think that the points system for values given is important, because it determines what is more visible to others. And trips that are popular to locals will in many cases be the most appealing to outsiders not familiar to the area or those that have little knowledge about their own back yard. In my opinion, this site must appeal to the masses (the people) and not just a select group to really succeed.

#1191 - 2009.03.10 Scott Nelson - Bivouac is an encyclopedia, not a popularity contest
If there are too many "me too" posts then the real information gets diluted. See for a good example. Personally I'm not a big fan of the scoring system, so I don't really care if it gets modified so that Mt. Hollyburn day trip snowshoe trip report outscores a Juneau Icefield ski traverse trip report.

I do like the idea of being able to easily put bulletins for climbing routes on mountain pages somehow. This might also solve the "where to put snowpack information" dilemna. A little thought needs to go into where the best place to put this information is - mountain page vs route records, etc. If there are too many different places within to look for a bulletin then it gets really confusing. Currently we have road/trail bulletins, and a lot of climbing route/snowpack information currently gets put into these. There are also photo comments and trip report comments, which sometimes get used (misused?) for bulletin type information.

#1190 - 2009.03.10 Frank W. Baumann - Thumbs Up
I like this idea- another good reason for coming back to this site more often.