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Help out the CAA by filling in their new survey on the proposed danger scale #2249
Back To Discussion List Written: 2009.03.05 by: Sandra McGuinness

*New Danger Scale Survey*: A survey to test the new avalanche danger scale is ready to go and can be found here: Polling firm Ipsos-Reid will be monitoring the responses and the goal is to receive 2000 responses, half of them from Canada. We encourage all CAA members to take this survey but what's really needed is input from non-professionals who use the bulletins regularly. Please help make this new product effective by completing the survey and forwarding the link to friends, family, clients and students-anyone who's a bulletin user.


#1189 - 2009.03.08 Frank W. Baumann - TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!
This is a really important survey- please give it some quality thought and participate conscientiously.

At the end, you will have an opportunity to become involved in some follow-up focus group discussions- these could be very valuable.

All winter recreationists need to become involved in doing something to reduce the large number of totally preventable avalanche deaths that are occurring. Personally, I think the answer is in better education DIRECTLY LINKED to gaining experience- providing really focussed, low-cost, efficient avalanche courses AND THEN making sure that participants understand that THEY MUST turn theory into practice by joining a climbing club, or otherwise getting that all-important experience. Giving people some basic training and then turning them loose in the mountains is a recipe for disaster. Even worse is showing them videos of extreme skiers in extreme terrain, and then suggesting that they too can ski like that as long as they get a transceiver, probe and shovel, and learn a bit about snow science.

#1185 - 2009.03.05 Scott Nelson - Clickable link