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Climbing skins for rounded twin tip skis? #2181
Back To Discussion List Written: 2009.02.07 by: Greg Jones

Has anyone had any real success with fitting skins onto rounded twin tips? The problem is that the conventional rear attachment set ups just slide off rounded tails. I have a pair of Iki Movements, and I am not loving the idea of taking a dremel tool to the base.

There are some posts on about just going "tail less" (just cut the skins (round off the ends) so they do not come up past the contact point of the ski). now has an actual set up for rounded twin tips, in which they simply use a similar attachment as the tip (bent ring). ClimbingSkinsDirect

Anyone have any real world experience with any twin tip skin system?


#1171 - 2009.02.17 Greg Jones - Thanks. Cutting ends worked great.
Old Black Diamond skins with the tail attachment cut off worked great.

#1170 - 2009.02.17 Sandy Briggs - rubber
In the 'old days' the connection (on some types of skin) between the skin and the ski tip was a piece of stretchy rubber between two metal fittings/loops. This meant that once the length adjustment had been made in the initial set-up, the putting on of the skins involved hooking the tail hook and then just stretching the tip loop over the tip of the ski. Why this sensible and simple system ever disappeared is beyond me. I once made a replacement fitting using cut-up pieces from an old bike inner tube. No doubt some kind of stretchy rubber fitting like this could be put on both ends of a skin so that it attached the same way on both tips. Though having to spend huge bucks on new ski skins and then re-fit them so they actually work is a pretty sad comment on the ski-skin industry.

#1168 - 2009.02.11 Greg Jones - Thanks Justin.
I am still having trouble finding a tail attachment that won't fall off these boards. This weekend I will test the no tail attachment theory. Either success or a long day.

#1167 - 2009.02.08 Justin Brown - Twin Tip Skins
Hi Greg, I have a pair of twin tip fats that I have been using Black Diamond Ascention with the clip fix system with with no problems. I replaced the tip loop with a wider modified loop that I made from a coat hanger. I have never had these skins give me grief. I also recently bought a pair of the new G3's with the double hooks on the tip. I haven't used them yet but the hook system seems to be pretty innovative. Hope this helps a bit.