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Misuse of photo comments #2075
Back To Discussion List Written: 2008.10.16 by: David Wasserman

When Robin added the ability to add photo comments, he said: "You can now put corrections or additional information onto photos. For example, you can name additional peaks in the photo that the original author may not have known. Or you can post corrections. Corrections are a bit tricky. Ideally, you should first of all email the author and tell them, so they can fix it. Otherwise the photo pages will get confusing, because there will be comments that no longer make sense because the author fixed the problem.

"We'll see how useful the photo comments become. There have been some fairly useful trip report comments."

He was worried that people might be tempted to use the comment field just to say they liked the photo, which is essentially a waste of everyone's time except the photographer's. If you like the photo, recommend it. If you really like it a lot, use the "send e-mail" function on the author page to tell the photographer. If you have something to add about the photo, make a comment.

The site will be better for it.