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Winter Tent - What Models Do People Recommend? #2066
Back To Discussion List Written: 2008.09.29 by: Claude Mongeon

I'm searching for a one person winter tent. The MEC's Lightfield is a great model, but a two person tent.Any suggestions? Merci.


#1083 - 2008.10.04 Vida Morkunas - Akto indeed
I've had my Akto for a few years now, and I heartily recommend it for all seasons. It's warm, does not condensate much if you keep it ventilated (under the roof awning, and at the zips at either end). Its roomy vestibule and light weight make it a great backpacking essential. Surprisingly roomy inside for one person. Do note that if you also buy the footprint, it covers the ground for the vestibule as well as under the tent. The only minus is the tent's height, when you sit up in it, the ceiling will most likely brush your head.

#1082 - 2008.09.30 Scott Webster - Hilleberg Akto
You could consider the Hilleberg Akto.