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Station Rose vs. Sigurd Peak naming #2061
Back To Discussion List Written: 2008.09.23 by: Paul Kubik

Another name for Sigurd Peak (itself an unofficial name) is Station Rose, after Rose Tatlow, wife of Hank Tatlow (Clarence Elmer Tatlow) and acquaintance of Sigurd Andersen (trapper in the 1930s). Rose Tatlow was involved in publishing the Squamish newspaper and had an interest in the history of the area. I spoke with Rose Tatlow on the phone a dozen years ago, thereabouts. She mentioned that both she and her husband Frank had features in the area named after them. In Frank's case it is Tatlow Creek. (Is there an official Tatlow Mountain?)

After some research I discovered what we'd been calling Sigurd Peak was Station Rose. I think the name came from an old map by one of the Tantalus Range climbing pioneers. I'd have to dig up a trip report from the 1960s to confirm it. Just wondering if members see any need or justification for attempting an informal name change of Sigurd Peak to Station Rose. Afterall, it was those of us in the BCMC that built the trails in the area and initially came up with the Sigurd Peak moniker. I often find it confusing to explain to people who haven't been in the area much that there's a Sigurd Creek trail and Sigurd Peak trail. There is very little phonetic difference which can lead to confusion. Any thoughts from the membership?


#1788 - 2014.09.09 Robin Tivy - Correction to name of Clarence Elmer Tatlow
I received the following email, and I corrected the name of "Frank Tatlow" to "Hank Tatlow". Here is the email I received:

As the grand-daughter of both Rose and Hank Tatlow, I would like to request that you correct my grandfather's name from "Frank" to "Hank". His name was actually Clarence Elmer Tatlow, but he was known as Hank. Thank you, Cyndy Mason

#1081 - 2008.09.30 Paul Kubik - The Station in Station Rose
Ramsay, I suspect it means something in the sense of a survey station.

#1080 - 2008.09.26 Ramsay Dyer - What is Station?
I was wondering about the origin of the 'Station' part of 'Station Rose'. Is there a meaning to the word that I don't know?

It would be nice to respect the historic name, although I'm already comfortable with 'Sigurd Peak'. I think that the Sigurd Peak trail was going to be in the new edition of the 103 Hikes book, which has already come out. If this is the case, reverting the name will be that much more difficult.

Is there a regulation requiring official names to be a single word? Oh, Jimmy Jimmy -- never mind.

#1079 - 2008.09.25 Frank W. Baumann - Honor Rose
I knew Rose Tatlow really well and after her death, proposed that a mountain in that area be named after her.

Could it just be named Mt. Rose, or Mt. Rose Tatlow?

Rose was a wonderful lady- a woman of great intellect who had the courage to pursue just causes in her role as the editor of the Squamish Times newspaper. And, of course, she loved the mountains.

#1078 - 2008.09.23 Andrew Wong - Phonetic confusion for Peak & Creek
There was a bit of confusion during Saturday's Sigurd work party about where my group was located because of the similar sounding trail names. Despite the good radio signals between everyone, "Sigurd Creek" was mistaken for "Sigurd Peak" at the other end of one of the conversations. It might have been my pronunciation too. Reverting to the historical name would certainly fix that problem. By itself, that wouldn't be the strongest reason to change names but if combined with the historical precedent, I'd vote for Station Rose Peak.

#1077 - 2008.09.23 Scott Nelson - Put up a new sign
Signs carry a lot of weight, probably more than the opinion of a website like Realistically, if you put up a sign at the junction that says "Station Rose Peak", then I think people will generally accept the old name.

For the recent work on the Phelix Creek trail, the VOC got some custom signs from a company called Inprotect Systems. They are 2 colour retro reflective signs, about 8.5x11 inches and I think they were only $20 each.