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Trail Clearing invitation - Sigurd Trail and Sigurd Peak Trail #2057
Back To Discussion List Written: 2008.09.13 by: Paul Kubik

Sev Heiburg, trail builder, asked me earlier if I could clear the Sigurd Peak trail. I'm going up Sigurd Creek trail on Sept. 20th. Myself and another guy could really use some help. I won't have time to clear the trail to the peak as we'll have our hands full just on the main trail. We can use any amount of help - chainsaws, loppers, grubhoes, handsaws, whatever. There is blowdown, muddy sections and brushing. Contact me at or (604) 876-0764 or put a message on this forum.

In case anyone hasn't heard of these trails, the access is from the Ashlu Main, 22 miles north of Squamish on decent roads. The Sigurd trail heads into the north Tantalus Range and Sigurd Lake. The peak trail branches off about 2.5 km up and goes to "Sigurd Peak".


#1076 - 2008.09.20 Paul Kubik - Got about 10 people helping out.
Three chainsaws but no air support.

#1072 - 2008.09.14 Paul Kubik - Air support requested
Just adding to the post: my ethics are elastic enough to permit me to accept a lift on a float plane to Sigurd Lake or helicopter to the headwaters. If there's anyone out there that can help out in that way it will easily double the amount of work we accomplish.