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Google Earth Enhanced Features #2010
Back To Discussion List Written: 2008.04.30 by: Steve Grant

Maybe I'm just late to the party, but I was looking at Lake Garibaldi today on Google Maps and noticed some things I haven't seen before.

The maps are in winter mode now, with the lakes frozen. You can zoom in so far you can follow tracks across the lake and meadows and see where people snow camped. There's also a feature to link to photos people have taken of the various features.

Completely separate from Google is, which has 3D, interactive topographical maps.


#1034 - 2008.05.04 Frank W. Baumann - It's foggy though.
The new Google image that covers Squamish and Mt. Garibaldi may be more detailed, but has considerable haze and cloud, and is a winter image.

#1033 - 2008.05.01 Scott Nelson - Phelix Creek too
There are also new highly detailed photos of Phelix Creek on Google Maps and Google Earth. Individual trees are clearly visible.