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Phelix Creek Snowmobile Access #1971
Back To Discussion List Written: 2008.01.15 by: Robin Tivy

Hello Kevin, For the past 12 years I have been the publisher of the Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia ( We have about 1500 paid members, and about 10,000 unpaid members, mostly from BC and Alberta. I am 57 years old.

Like many self-propelled backcountry enthusiasts, I have been concerned that a lot of the traditional skiing areas have been recently overrun with high powered screaming snowmobiles. As you may know, a new "sport" has developed in which the participants modify increasingly powerful two stroke machines by removing the mufflers and then screaming up and down every available peak and snow slope. This sport is called "high pointing" - the machines race up and down mountain peaks that formerly took most of the day to reach. The machines consume significant amount of fuel, and in the last budget Carole Taylor removed the tax on that fuel, making it even cheaper.

In any event, once a few people get into a wilderness area with these machines, they completely dominate the landscape for several km in every direction. They invalidate the experience of solitude and self reliance which is sought by the traditional backcountry users, driving them from the area. Most recently, there is apparently a campaign by these machine owners to get access to the area around Phelix Creek, and the Brian Waddington memorial cabin.

I urge you to prevent this change of land status. Snowmobiles should NOT be allowed in the phelix creek area. I hope you can see that this "sport" invalidates all the principles of reducing emmisions that you are working so hard to promote. The government must be seen to "walk the talk", and take some positive action on this problem.

Robin Tivy, Publisher